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Kitchen Lighting Basics

Well-designed kitchens incorporate thoughtful kitchen lighting strategies. Proper kitchen lighting will showcase beautiful design details in the best light. There are four types of lighting. Each has a specific lighting purpose but when paired together they add depth and complexity to the look and feel of your room.

A great way to incorporate ambient light, known as general lighting, into the kitchen lighting design is with ceiling lights, sconces, kitchen island lights, and pendant lights. All these fixtures in the right quantities and placements can provide sufficient light to illuminate the whole room.

Use task lighting in areas where tasks such as preparing food, washing dishes, or cooking are performed. Kitchen island lights, pendant lights, under cabinet lights, ceiling lights, and even some chandeliers are all excellent choices for that necessary kitchen lighting.

Combining accent lighting and other types of lighting with wall sconces, recessed lighting, or under cabinet lights is a great way to add depth to the lighting of the room. Accent lighting highlights specific architectural details, particular objects, or pieces of artwork to make them a focal point.

Decorative lighting provides light to a room and contributes to the room's d├ęcor. Fancy chandeliers, sconces, pendant lights or ceiling fans are all great options for decorative lighting fixtures.

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