TOTO's in-depth testing and research produces great achievements in bathroom product design. From the quietly efficient cleaning technology of Tornado Flush to the space saving convenience of wall hung toilets and sinks—all TOTO elements are created to provide a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for all members of the family.

Riverbend Home and TOTO share a vision for creating a healthy, accessible and luxurious bathroom experience. As an authorized reseller, we are true experts on TOTO products.

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Toto Luxury with Neorest

TOTO's Luxury Experience

The TOTO Neorest toilets offer the highest level of luxury while remaining ecology-minded with a flush rate of 1.0 gallons per flush (gpf). The advanced washlet, remote control, nightlight, automatic quiet flushing and clean technology are just some of the features that set this toilet apart and set the bar high for a truly luxurious bathroom experience.

Riverbend Home carries a large selection of TOTO washlets that provide the luxury experience without the overall cost of an entire toilet system. Washlets are toilet seats that feature bidet functionality. While shopping be sure to compare features such as seat warming, adjustable pressure, water spray pattern or programmable preferences.

Toto Luxury with Neorest

Do You Know About TOTO's Clean Technology?

Tornado Flush is a flushing system used in every newly produced TOTO toilet to completely clean the bowl. Three powerful water jets quietly sweep away any particles leaving you with an easy clean experience. The rimless design prevents dirt or bacteria from getting trapped and becoming unreachable. Shop TOTO toilet collections with Tornado Flush: Carlyle II, Carolina II, UltraMax II.

CeFiONtect is a ceramic glaze that provides an extraordinarily smooth surface to select collections of TOTO toilets and sinks keeping products cleaner for longer. Shop toilets with CeFiONtect. Find CeFiONtect bathroom pedestal sink tops or vessel sinks.

TOTO Designs For Water Efficiency

TOTO carries the leader award for EPA Water Efficiency for their passionate commitment to developing high-performance Low Flow 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf) and High Efficiency 1.28 gpf toilets. Shop TOTO's high water efficiency toilet collections.

Water efficiency technology is not limited to toilets. TOTO also feature high efficiency shower heads and shower systems. When shopping for water efficiency look for low gallons per minute (gpm) flow rates in the Aero Showerhead Collection.

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