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The quality of air in your home

Quality heating and cooling equipment will keep your home clean, comfortable and running smoothly every day of the year. Plus, it helps keep energy costs down.

Keep the air that you and your family breathe clean with a comprehensive approach to air quality that combines the use of air purifiers that reduce the amount of harmful particulate in the air with green living practices and regular home health checks. Avoid using cleaning products with harmful chemicals that can pollute the air. Proper ventilation and frequently cleaning vents helps maintain air quality. In addition to regular maintenance, have your home checked regularly for radon, lead, carbon monoxide and other harmful pollutants.

Be sure the air in your home is not only clean, but also comfortable. Air conditioners help regulate the level of humidity in your home and can prevent the growth of mold and mildew. If your home is generally cool, you may only need to install ceiling fans to keep the air moving and create a breeze when you need it. If you're choosing between air conditioners and ceiling fans, consider whether or not you plan to stay in your home or sell it in the near future. While fans consume significantly less energy than air conditioners and are the more economical option, many homebuyers expect central air units in homes on today’s market and might pass up a home that requires installing AC units.

Keep it all under control with a thermostat. You can even easily upgrade your thermostat to a smart thermostat model you can control from any smart device. Smart thermostats can help cut down on your home's energy expenditure by sensing and adjusting to your presence or absence. You can even program alerts that notify you when the temperature or humidity in your home drops below or goes above a certain level so you can adjust it when you’re not there to regulate it yourself.