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Experience the difference a rug can make to a room. They add soft, plush comfort you feel and style you can see. More than just a covering for your floors, they help define specific zones in your living areas, and anchor the overall design of an interior space.

An area rug can complement your hardwood or tile floors, add warmth and softness, or delineate sitting or dining areas in more open spaces. They add texture, color, and visual interest to your rooms while enhancing your décor and reflecting your individual style taste.

Select a rug according to the style, material, shape, and size that best suits your need. Determine the size rug you need based on the size of the space, how the rooms is used, the arrangement of your furniture, and where the rug will be placed. Consider the specific areas you want to define and the traffic patterns that flow through the room. Measure that area for how much room various rugs would take up and take into account how much exposed floor would remain.

Our selection of area rugs are hand-crafted in flat weave, knotted, loomed, and tufted designs in a selection of wools, cottons, viscose blends, natural fibers such as jute, hemp, and even leather. With styles ranging from traditional to contemporary and everything in between and a wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, you’ll find it easy to find just the right rug to dress up any room in your home.