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Decorating with clocks is the perfect way to add both style and function to any room of your home. Whether you choose a wall clock or a table timepiece, the right design can freshen up the décor of any space and let you keep track of time.

Keep an alarm clock on a table or nightstand to keep you on schedule in the morning. Add a freestanding floor clock to a hall, entry, or study and giving it elegant style. Set a timepiece on a mantel or place an oversized one above a sofa to give a room more drama. Hang several wall clocks of varying sizes and styles together to create a show-stopping gallery.

Clocks add a beautiful and practical touch in any space. Select classic Roman numerals, contemporary Arabic numbers, round, oval, square, or starburst shapes, formal, casual, or whimsical designs. With so many types to choose from, there’s a clock sure to suit any decorating style.