A Weekend Warrior's Renovation Series: Bathroom Remodel – Episode 1

Weekend Warrior's Renovation

A Complete Bathroom Remodel - Setting Expectations for Success. The Planning Stage.

The following concerns the complete remodel of an existing, 100 square foot, full bathroom. During this renovation, the building structure is not being materially altered, and there is existing plumbing and electrical to this second-story bathroom.

Weekend Warrior's Renovation

The “before” photo shows the dated tile and fixtures before the start of the demo phase.

In my experience, there are four key factors for the weekend warrior to consider before jumping in: objectives, budget, time, and effort.

1. Objectives – How will I know my remodel was a success?

  • Transform the main bath in my home into a space that my family loves!
  • Use quality materials, fixtures, and finishes that deliver excellent function and a clean, transitional design aesthetic.
  • Perform as much of the work myself or with the help of family and friends as possible to keep the project on budget.
  • Call in the pros when needed to ensure quality workmanship.

2. Budget – What will it realistically cost to deliver the objectives I've laid out?

  • Permitting and fees
  • Demolition and disposal
  • Tools to purchase or rent (hint: make friends and borrow)
  • Raw building materials, including lumber, wall board, hardware, insulation, trim, and molding
  • Time and materials for rough plumbing and electrical
  • Heating upgrade to a panel radiator, installed by a heating contractor
  • Veneer plaster application for walls and ceilings (upgrade vs. drywall and mud/tape)
  • Tiling of floor and shower walls, including waterproofing
  • Plumbing fixtures, including sinks, toilet, tub, and faucets
  • Electrical fixtures, including recessed lights, vanity lights, vent fan, switches, timers, and outlets
  • Vanity with hardware and custom fabricated stone countertops
  • Paint and related supplies

3. Time – How long will it realistically take for me and "my team" to complete this remodel?

  • I'm doing a lot of work myself and have to balance the demands of my family, my job, and my life! I have the luxury of a second bathroom that can be used during the remodel, so I am planning three full months from demo to finish.
  • I am breaking the remodel down into several smaller projects so dependencies can be better understood – for example:
    • What needs to be done so that my plumber and electrician can complete their roughs?
    • What project can I tackle while I'm waiting for my new panel radiators to be installed?

4. Effort – What kind of commitment do I need to make physically and mentally to pull this off?

  • I will give most of my weekends (sorry golf) and many weeknights to this.
  • I will be tired and sore much of the next three months.
  • I will pay attention to safety and rest when I need to – getting hurt or sick will not help.
  • I will do my best to manage stress, stay the course, and celebrate every win along the way!

Stay tuned for more installments in this series as this DIY renovation project gets underway. In the meantime, check out Riverbend Home's selection of bathroom products to help you get started on your own home remodeling projects.

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