Affordable Luxury: The American Standard Freestanding Cadet Bathtub

“We wanted to make a classic freestanding tub that more people could afford.”
Gray Uhl, Director of Design, American Standard Brands

American Standard 2764.014M202.011 Cadet 66 in. Freestanding Bathtub with Tub Filler and Drain

Three things have us excited about the American Standard Cadet freestanding bathtub kit. First, there's the tub itself—a sleek modern take on the hot freestanding tub trend. Second, a price that puts this chic look within the reach of many more homeowners. Third, the package includes a coordinated chrome floor mount tub filler with integrated handshower (and drain) at no additional cost. We spoke with Gray Uhl, Director of Design at American Standard, to get the inside story.

Nothing Like A Good Soak

“As soon as a homeowner puts in a freestanding tub, the look of the bathroom goes upscale,” Gray told us. “But they can be pricy. With this model, we wanted to make the style affordable for more people. This is also a classic design that goes with lots of different home styles.”

In addition, the tub coordinates with other fixtures in American Standard's extensive Cadet Collection.

Gray told us that although the emphasis in the industry is perceived as moving from tubs to showers, sometimes there's nothing like a good soak. “It's about decompressing, letting go, relaxing and unwinding.”

Filler Included

What about the bold move of including a free tub filler faucet? While this obviously enhances the value of the kit, that was not the company's only motivation. “People may worry about buying the right filler for their tub,” Gray explained. “By purchasing a complete solution, customers are sure they're getting exactly what they need.”

We were surprised to learn that this tub uses less water than many soaking tubs because of its shape, so it saves owners even more in hot water bills. In addition, Gray told us, “It's perfect for a smaller bathroom because you can see the floor all around it, which makes the space feel bigger.”

As if we needed any more convincing.

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