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It’s all in the details

Selecting your bathroom accessories does not stop at styles and finishes. Consider the layout and purpose of your room before you buy. For example, if you are working with a smaller space, you may want to consider a wall mounted toilet paper holder rather than a free standing one. Or if you are designing a space for guests, consider a towel rack installed above the toilet in addition to a towel bar for the extra towels.

Consider your personal preferences for details such as the soap dispenser. Some homeowners prefer to have their soap dispenser installed right into the countertop with the bathroom sink faucet, while others may opt for a wall mounted version. Other homeowners still may choose a more traditional liquid soap bottle and dish setup.

A little bit of luxury goes a long way

Design a sanctuary for a relaxing retreat with little luxuries such as a bathroom fan wired to a timer or a lavish towel warmer. For a spa-like shower, a set of shelves and baskets for storing soaps and shampoos will ensure that everything has a home, make cleaning easier, and keep your shower space from looking cluttered and crowded. Space permitting, consider installing robe hooks for each member of the family in your main bathroom.

Plan ahead

Bathroom accessories can have a big impact on the overall design of the room. Whether you are looking to match the shape of your wall mount mirror to your hand towel ring, or considering making your bathroom aging in place friendly with grab bars installed in the shower, a carefully planned bathroom will avoid future headaches and is something that can be enjoyed for years to come.